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Transgender People of Size
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This Community has been created to allow Transgender People of Size (TGPOS) AND our allies a place to discuss our feelings, experiences and concerns as members of two oppressed minorities. This is meant to have an explicitly pro-transgender and pro-people of size agenda. One of my areas of research is the intersections of transgenderism and size, e.g. height, weight, body shape, etc. There is very little out there about this topic. PLEASE post your experiences and tell me about places in your life where trans issues and size issues overlap, intersect and converge. ALL people, trans and non-trans, as well as those who ID as people of size and those who do not, are invited to share their voice on this topic. How does being trans (transgender, transsexual, cross-dresser, drag queen, drag king, genderqueer, gender-variant, gender fluid) intersect with being a non-traditional size or shape? I thank you in advance for your posts. Don't hesitate to email me at jorubyryan@yahoo.com for private posts or questions.