Joelle (transamazon) wrote in tgpos,

Hello Folks. I am writing to ask your help on a project I am working on. I have created this new community and called it Transgender People of Size (TGPOS). I am asking folks to write posts here that consider the intersections of trans identity and size.

1. How does your identity as a trans or gender-variant person converge with your weight, height or body shape?
2. What are the unique pressures put on trans/gender-variant people in regards to their weight?
3. What is the intersection between trans passability/plausibility and height and weight?
4. What are the unique pressures that FTMs face in terms of body image in a misogynistic, heterosexist and transphobic culture? MTFs?
5. Do you experience the trans community as affirming of size diversity or as fat-positive?
6. Do you experience the size acceptance community as trans-positive and affirming?
7. Describe a particular conversation or life incident where issues of size and gender diversity intersected in some way.

These are just a few questions to get you started. The goal is to elicit experiences, feelings and personal theories and to foster a supportive environment that is explicitly pro-trans and pro-people of size/ fat-positive. Please feel free to tell folks about the community and encourage them to post. I also certainly do not wish to step on anybody's toes with this community. if there are already existing communities I should know about, please let me know! I thank you for your help and consideration!!!
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